Friday, 6 September 2013

G-20 pledges to raise global cooperation to combat corruption

The G-20 Summit on Friday pledged to share information and increase international cooperation to combat the menace of corruption.

"We will continue to develop and strengthen frameworks to facilitate cooperation among G-20 member-countries in the fight against corruption," the G-20 Leaders' Declaration said.

"We have established a G-20 network to share information and cooperate in order to deny entry to our countries by corrupt officials and those who corrupt them, in accordance with national laws and regulations," it said.

To enhance international collaboration in the investigation and prosecution of corruption offences as well as in the recovery of proceeds of corruption, the heads of 20 developed and developing nations endorsed the High-Level Principles on Mutual Legal Assistance.

Noting that corruption severely impedes sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction, it said this "can threaten financial stability and the economy as a whole." Corruption is corrosive, destroying public trust, distorting the allocation of resources and undermining the rule of law, it said.

The leaders reiterated the determination to combat domestic and foreign bribery, as well as solicitation, and to endorse the non-binding 'Guiding Principles on Enforcement of the Foreign Bribery Offence and the Guiding Principles to Combat Solicitation.

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Microsoft buys Nokia mobile unit to fight Apple, Google

As all know, Nokia is not performing well now days and they are not able to manage the mobile division smoothly, so they decided to collaborate with Microsoft. Microsoft announced that they have settled a $7.2 billion deal to acquire Nokia. 

This is good news for the Microsoft fans but whereof emotional attached with Nokia, they feel bad. Yes, it is good for both organizations because Nokia known as cellphone giants, and the MS as the software giant, if both are doing business together, it is true they will defeat their competitors such as Samsung and Google. Nokia has so far been the most amazing fittings creator for the Windows Operating System - an imperative accomplice for Microsoft to press on to flourish on the planet commanded by Apple's ios and Google's Android Operating Systems. Both these Microsoft's grandest adversaries in the portable registering have full responsibility for equipment. Fruit's been in sum control of their fittings since starting and Google understood that they require a control over equipment much later. That came about into Google's procurement of Motorola's portable division.

With the equipment assembling process in their check, Apple and Google now control each part of their telephone and that is a colossal point of interest in choosing which course programming improvement will bring with the ceaseless change in the fittings. Microsoft so far did not have this capacity and no other securing might have been as simpler as Nokia.

The arrangement works out energetic about Nokia simultaneously. The organization, which once commanded the characteristic telephone advertises internationally couldn't adapt up to the strike from the cell phone producers like Apple, Samsung and LG. They got out-improved in practically each part of the versatile registering diversion. By choosing to offer equipment business to Microsoft, Nokia can about-face to staging phases and figure out their corner.

32,000 of Nokia's representatives will exchange to Microsoft. Microsoft will likewise get full control of Nokia's ASHA telephone arrangement (which does not run Windows working framework) and HERE mapping administration. The mark "Nokia" will proceed. Nokia itself will press on to tackle mapping administrations, development LTE systems and other development advances. The organization will additionally investigate more current business chances. 

The industry has been recognizing developments in the versatile processing space at a breakneck speed. The by and large victor in the diversion will be the organization that offers the best general knowledge of versatile figuring. It'd be intriguing to perceive how Microsoft makes utilization of Nokia's fittings competencies to redefine Windows versatile experience. We'd want the procurement will place Microsoft in an improved position to get more piece of the overall industry for the Windows working frameworks.
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Monday, 3 December 2012

Veena Malik and Hemant Madhukar were like a love birds during Music launch

Bollywood News Diva Veena Malik was on cloud nine when she noticed Hemant Madhukar director of mumbai 125 kms walking at the stage of Music launch of Telugu Movie in Hyderabad. Just after that both were not able to stop their feeling with each other and started chatting with each other. On the stage both look like a love birds and veena was so happy to share the great moment with her love. Hemant Madhukar and Veena Malik are in no mood to end their relationship as it looks like love.

Hemant and Veena were seen enjoying Chori Chori Chupke Chupke holiday in abroad. Apparently, news was reported about their love affair and this is first time both of them have been caught red handed in public. No matter what happened? As we can say that love is blind especially in the case of them.

Veena will be seen in her forthcoming movie “The City That Never Sleeps” where she will break Guinness World Record by giving maximum kisses in movie. So can we say that Veena is practicing with Hemant Madhukar to break all records of kisses.
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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Microsoft sued for patent infringement over Windows 8 live tiles

Microsoft has been slapped with a patent infringement lawsuit over its use of dynamic "live" tile icons in Windows, including in the newly launched Windows 8 OS for PCs and tablets and in the Windows Phone 8 OS for smartphones. SurfCast filed a complaint Tuesday with the U.S. District Court of Maine, claiming that Redmond's Windows Live Tiles on the company's smartphones and PCs infringe on one of its patents.

Microsoft's Live Tiles have been part of the company's interface since the launch of Windows Phone 7 two years ago, and were recently incorporated into Windows 8 and the upcoming Windows Phone 8. SurfCast claims that Redmond is stepping on a patent issued in April 2004. The patent covers the ability to select multiple information sources, each assigned to a different tile and updated periodically.

In the Portland-based SurfCast's complaint, the company alleges four counts of infringement, based on Microsoft's use of Live Tiles. The company repeatedly pointed to Redmond's own patent for a "tile space user interface for mobile devices" — saying that it was used as a reference during SurfCast's patent application in 2000.

Additionally, Surfcast said that Microsoft's allowing developers to build Windows 8 apps, which are then submitted to the Windows Store, also infringe on its patent.

The patents are similar, The Next Web reported. They both detail"systems and methods for providing a user interface mobile devices enable data and services available through mobile device to be represented as a set of tiles maintained as a display space. SurfCast carries has four patents, with more pending. Its website explains the Tiles concept as dynamically updating icons" that are selectable and live, with refreshed content providing real-time or near-real-time information.
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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Google Penguin Refresh


Last Friday, Google pushed out the first refresh of their infamous Penguin update, bringing many webmasters to stumble towards their analytics, SERPs and the like in hopes of signs of a recovery from previous ranking drops, and/or to hope that they had not seen a precipitous drop in rankings. For most, the algo refresh seemed to do little, and for good reason - Cutts informed us that it apparently only impacted .01% of search results. Not many SERPs changed, and most of the voices heard over the weekend only seemed to be coming from people that were newly crushed by Google's pet Penguin.

Soon after the algorithm hit, we learned that Penguin refreshes, as it did last weekend. This makes it unique and similar to Panda in formation. For most, there was a lull period where these Penguin-impacted webmasters would sit around, gather the facts about the update, and then take action towards recovery where there were negative impacts in a week or two after the event. Many removed and/or edited links - others simply moved completely away from their manipulative linking strategies. However, because of this time lull between implementation and action, it's possible that moves towards recovery were not rapid enough to see full changes, as links take time to crawl, new actions take much time to implement, and the new refresh took only a month to once again take effect.

In that respect, it may leave some to think "is a Penguin recovery even possible?", or "should I just start over with a new domain?". These are real questions that will come with edits to links and strategy, a refresh and no changes to our rankings. To that end, I don't have absolute answers, nobody does - just strong suggestions about the data points we know about what survived, what didn't, and how Google has treated penalties in the past. What I do now know, though, is that a Penguin recovery is possible, and possible in a short amount of time - because I've seen a big, seemingly complete recovery from the update at the first refresh. This recovery came for a website that felt a previous, critical impact from Penguin at the first iteration - that website being popular Wordpress portal.

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